Leb Tannenbaum has been field testing trust building techniques for over 15 years. He has been consulting and helping individuals, teams, and organizations grow since 1988. He has worked with many organizations large and small, public and private, profit and nonprofit. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of New Legends, a creative consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. 

What's the most valuable business currency?

But what if that trust is low, would you know it? If trust gets broken, do you know how to address and rebuild it?
That's where the New Legends Team comes in. We designed our latest eCourse, Unpacking Trust, to help individuals learn how to trust others, how to build trust between individuals and teams, and how to re-build trust that has been broken. When you become a Certified Trust Builder, you create currency and healthy relationships you can count on now and for the future. 

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A look inside Unpacking Trust

This completely self-paced eCourse is compatable for both the individual learner or team group. In this eCourse you will learn...

New ways to approach building trust with individuals and teams

The secrets to accelerating trust in a short amount of time

How to navigate and approach the subject of broken trust

How to create productive dialogue and maintain active listening skills as a way to build trust

Ways to accelerate the building of trust in team settings that are dispersed or people who are new to each other 

Self reflection as a way to understand your own unique approach to trusting others

Meet the Course Creator

Leb Tannenbaum 
Founder, CEO of New Legends 
Course FAQs
Q. Exactly what do I get with this eCourse?

A. You will receive six units of written content, videos, PDF downloads, infographics, and questions to guide you through the material. Come back and download your materials as many times as you need. 
Q. Who is this eCourse for?

A. Trust is at the heart of high performance. It is both an emotional and logical response to yourself and others. This eCourse is for any individual or team who wants to learn how to be effective trust builders and make a difference in peoples lives.
Q. How long does this eCourse take?

A. We designed this course for the busy individual and/or team. We want you to be able to take this eCourse at your own pace, on your schedule, as quickly or as slowly as you need. Take this course on any device - whenever or wherever!
Q. How long do I have access to this eCourse?

A. Once you purchase the course, you have access forever. Our self-paced eCourse will keep track of your progress for you. You can also re-take Unpacking Trust as often as you'd like. 
Q. How can I benefit from this eCourse?

A. You will learn your own unique approach to building initial trust with people, self-reflection as a way to understand your approach to trusting another person, productive dialogue and active listening skills, how to pinpoint, talk, and rebuild broken trust, how to use the model to build team trust in settings that are dispersed or involve people who are new to each other 

"Leb is the original trust builder! Through his work we have gotten a much better handle on trust as individuals, in teams and as an organization. Trust is now a part of the DNA of our organization's culture."

- Mark Carpenter
President of Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal
Upon completing the couse, you will receive New Legends Certification acknowledging you as a New Legends Certified Trust Builder.

"New Legends has done a great job at Strategic Planning and Leadership Coaching. I have found them to have high integrity and a unique ability to understand complex business issues and recommend simple solutions."

- Kevin Wann
Owner of Pacific Lifestyle Home

Exclusive video and written content from the New Legends Team


Ongoing support from other learners and the course instructors

Interactive unit exercises
Available for individual study or group settings
100% self-paced and can be taken on any device 

Downloadable PDFs and individual Student Workbook

What you can expect to find

It's time to repair broken relationships from the past and create better ones for the future. 

The trust building process that normally takes months or years is finally broken down into six simple units in Unpacking Trust. See what people are talking about and enroll in the course today. 

Time is limited and trust is necessary

"We recognized that at the core of much of our culture and intact team work was this concept of trust. We couldn’t figure out how to get an operations culture to define the word in tangible ways and not sound too ‘touchy feely’.  The ‘Trust @ Work’ research and the trust wheel experience that Leb facilitated truly clicked with our leaders.  It provided a common approach and language that guided the leaders towards having a healthy dialogue with each other, which ultimately helped many a team move forward and reach improved levels of accountability and business results."  
- Loriann Hoffman
Vice President, Talent and Organization Development
MTA / New York City Transit

"Trust is everything. New Legends gets it; they know how to build and scale trust. They've built trust at PayTrace which has created clarity of vision throughout the organization. At PayTrace, our team says what they believe needs to be said and we listen to others say what they believe needs to be said. Because of trust, we communicate even when great courage is required."

- Scott Judkins
CEO & Founder of PayTrace