Unpacking Trust

What is Trust? 


Our friends, Stewart and Joan Emery said, “As the word ‘trust’ is usually used, it represents such a general and sometimes emotionally charged concept that very little is communicated about the true meaning of the word in a given context, or how we have to behave if we want to be trusted by others…We tend to treat the idea of trust as a desired behavior in any given situation, when it is actually an outcome of a desired set of needs or conditions being met.”

We have provided a unique interactive opportunity for you to participate in a Trust Evaluation and receive additional feedback, directly to your phone. Our Trust Evaluation is delivered to your phone and all answers are completely confidential.

Complete the information at the right to participate in the Trust Evaluation to gain insight into how you currently relate to Trust. Your phone information is confidential, and we do not sell or share the information you provide. To end the interaction, reply “stop” to any messages you receive. If you don’t wish to share your number, just leave the field blank, and you can experience the interaction through email.