Unpacking Trust

Downloadable Workbooks

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Treat these Journals as your opportunity for personal growth. Download and save them on your desktop. You can work through them in parallel to the course, completing the units at your own pace and finishing the journals later. This allows you to take the course when you have time in your office, and work in your journals later. The journals also facilitate group learning. A group can work through the units together, then print the journals to work on individually. These workbooks occur throughout the course, and they facilitate two ways of working. You may choose to print the Workbooks and fill them out with a pen, or you might choose to save them to your desktop and open them in a PDF editor. Using a PDF editor you can type directly into your workbook and save your answers. If you prefer typing your answers, make sure to use a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat or Preview for Mac. Acrobat Reader is available here.  We provide the workbooks as separate from the course so you can do the deep reflective work that trust building requires. We will ask you to share your thoughts with your instructor and other students after you’ve completed the Workbook for each section.