Unpacking Trust

The Emotional Wheel: Communication



I once sat in a course being delivered by a “certified trainer.” I was there as an observer. The trainer clearly knew the material. The problem was in her communication. She would speak about the value of humility while saying great things about herself. She spoke about the importance of seeking first to understand but would ask no questions of the people in the training. I observed this growing discomfort as the training continued and the energy in the room felt flat. My assessment is that she was delivering the content but not living what she was delivering. This led to a feeling of dissonance between the content and the the trainer’s behavior. Speaking with participants after the course, the word “inauthentic” came up several times. The trainer’s content came from a best selling business classic. The lack of authenticity made it confusing for the participants and they were left not knowing what to trust about the content or the trainer. A less polished trainer but a more authentic person would have created a better result.



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