Unpacking Trust



The field work we have done with Unpacking Trust has demonstrated that the most powerful trust building and trust repairing work gets done in a productive DIALOG. You may be thinking, “Really, I have to talk about these traits to someone else?” Absolutely! That’s how the best work gets done!


As we just saw, there are some things you can do on your own to build trust that someone else may not even be aware of. You can engage a manager in a conversation about courage and trying new ideas and taking an unpopular stand. You can invite someone you are on a project with (and don’t really know) to lunch, and you can informally talk about some of the traits that may be important to the project you’re both on. You can imagine how they may rate you in certain traits and offer them insight and information that would not just normally come up.


Use your creativity and rely on your own personal style. If you’re a manager, you might use some of the traits as opportunities for your team to get to know each other better. A good question opens the door to authentic dialog and learning. We highly recommend you use this quick reference which we have developed for you to use while building or repairing trust:


After you finish your workbook, I’d love to hear your thoughts! This discussion is between Leb, Diane, and their students, you’ll be able to talk to each other, and you can start a discussion of your own in the discussions tab.  It’s not public, it’s a private space for us to talk. Nothing improves trust like communication!