Unpacking Trust

Application: Self-Reflection

You don’t have to look far to find business advice, relationship advice, and advice on business relationships. With all of the how-to articles, blogs, talks, and conferences, you’d think we’d all be experts by now. 

So why aren’t we? What’s missing in all this talk? Action. 

You can consume every bit of advice out there and none of it will mean a thing unless that wisdom is applied. Growth requires change and in the case of trust, that change begins with you. We’re going to help you delve into yourself, your colleagues, your trust, and how those all intertwine. So grab your Workbook and let’s get started!



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Welcome back! Watch the video below to be sure that you’re processing in a way that will bring the most change. 


Bearing this in mind, you’re ready to finish out your Self-Reflection Workbook.